Tuesday, March 28th, 2017

Mackinac Co. Project Site

Mackinac County SLAM crews prepare for the 2011 field season Crews are being trained for the start of a busy 2011 field season, which means becoming well-versed in data collection, detection tree establishment and other field activities in an effort to find the best ways to SL.ow A.sh M.ortality. The Mackinac Co. crew recently had a training day with SLAM coordinators.

John Bedford, MDARD PPPM, far left, instructs new site staff in proper methods of detection tree establishment in the field.

The entire Mackinac site field staff at the start of field activities for 2011.

Mackinac crew left to right: Nicholas Cassel, Eric Mason, Katelynn O’Boyle, and Devin Gerzetich establishing the first detection tree for 2011 at the Mackinac SLAM site.

Mackinac crew left to right: Thomas Dowdell, Katelynn O’Boyle, Kris King, Eric Mason, and John Bedford-MDARD PPPM providing perspective on selecting a tree for DT establishment.

Mackinac site staff testing out the new features on the Getac data collector.

Travis Perkins, MSU, (center), offering instruction on testing the Getac functions outside at the Mackinac site in Moran.

Travis Perkins, MSU, (center) prepares the group for some field tests while Mackinac Field Supervisor Todd Insley (far left) and John Bedford, MDARD PPPM (second from left), listen in.