Tuesday, March 28th, 2017


Slam Project Coordinators

Anne Collins, Overall Slam Project Coordinator
Phone: 906-231-2312
E-mail: ahcollin@mtu.edu

Michigan State University

Debrorah G. McCullough, Forest Entomologist
Phone: 517-355-7445
E-mail: mccullo6@msu.edu

Robin Usborne, Communications Manager
Phone: 517-432-1555 x 222
E-mail: robinu1@msu.edu

Amos Ziegler, Data Management
Phone: 517-355-0204
E-mail: ziegler2@msu.edu

Michigan Technological University

Andrew Storer, Professor, Forest Ecology
Phone: 906-487-3470
E-mail: storer@mtu.edu

Brian Feldt, Forester
phone: 906-231-2287
E-mail: bmfeldt@mtu.edu

Michigan Association of Conservation Districts

Chippewa East Mackinac Conservation District

Dustine King, Executive Director
Phone: 906-635-1278
E-mail: dustine.king@macd.org

Delta Conservation District

Rory Mattson, Executive Director
Phone: 906-280-6947
E-mail: rory.mattson@mi.nacdnet.net

Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development

John Bedford, Pest Response Program Manager
Phone: 517-373-4350
E-mail: bedfordJ@michigan.gov

Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Pesticide and Plant Pest Management Division, 800-292-3939

Michigan Department of Natural Resources

Robert Heyd, Entomologist
Phone: 906-228-6561
E-mail: heydr@michigan.gov


Craig Kellogg, Michigan State Plant Health Director
Phone: 734-942-9005
E-mail: craig.kellogg@aphis.usda.gov

USDA Forest Service

Media contact:
Charles Reger
phone: 304-285-1524
E-mail: creger@fs.fed.us

Research contact:
Therese Poland, USDA Forest Service, Research Entomologist
Phone: 517-355-7740 ext. 114
E-mail: tpoland@fs.fed.us


Bernie Hubbard , Forestry Consultant
Phone: 906-293-5627
E-mail: forestmeister@sbcglobal.net